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Dress Code

Lincoln Elementary School and

Caldwell School District #132 Policies


District Policies listed below are abbreviated.  Policies in full can be read on-line at


School District Policy 509 – Student Dress Code




  •        Solid Colors: Any solid colors except Red or Navy. Colors that match the lower-body clothing in color and shade are not permitted.
  •        Collared shirt
  •        Long or short sleeved shirts – no sleeveless shirts or T-shirts
  •        Clothing must be free of brand logos and graphics larger than one (1) inch in diameter
  •        All items must fit properly
  •        Under-shirts and T-shirts, if worn, should be underneath the standard collared shirt and can be any solid color except Red or Navy.




  •        Any solid color except Red is permitted. Jeans may not be acid-washed, dyed, distressed, or multi-colored.
  •        May include: pants, capris, skirts, shorts, skorts, culottes. No sweats or warm-up type pants. Leggings may not be worn as pants.
  •        All items will be no shorter than three inches above the knees.
  •        Clothing must be free of brand logos, holes, decorative stitching, decorations, and graphics larger than one (1) inch in diameter or capable of being covered by a belt. Socks worn with shorts should be plain – without logos. Tights worn beneath dresses should be only one color.
  •        Designs must be contained to the pocket of the pants and may not extend to the rest of the garment.
  •        All items must fit properly.




Sweatshirts and sweaters are permitted in solid colors, except no Red or Navy, with no logos or graphics larger than one (1) inch in diameter unless they say “Caldwell” or are specific to the school.


Principal discretion reserved in all questions or concerns



  • For student safety on the stairs and on the playground, we ask children not to wear flip flops during the school day.